"I dont know how to put the words together to tell him how I feel.”

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10 Daily Struggles Of Having A Secret Crush

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"I have a lot of dreams about you. So…I don’t know what that means"

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I was watching this like “I am so fucking done with this website” AND THEN IT WAS STEPHEN COLBERT

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I sat and thought about you on the long drive back to Philly.

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Everything you love is here

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100% Real Fruit Juice, Enle Li

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"This argument serves two purposes: It clears up misunderstandings, and it allows both characters to see each other as the true and brave people they really are. It is not enough for them to love each other; they must also love the goodness in each other, and that is where the story’s true emotion lies.”

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"To the extent that the word ‘desegregation’ remains in our vocabulary, it describes an antique principle, not a current priority. Today, we are more likely to talk of diversity—but diversification and desegregation are not the same undertaking. To speak of diversity, in light of this country’s history of racial recidivism, is to focus on bringing ethnic variety to largely white institutions, rather than dismantling the structures that made them so white to begin with."


Jelani Cobb on the failure of desegregation:

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Let the Light In

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